With experience throughout all phases of the mining process we know what it takes to make the transition from an un-mined reserve to the finished product. From the earliest stages of exploratory test drilling to managing an around-the-clock mining fleet while running fully developed and productive mine pits; we have the knowledge, experience, and manpower to get the job done right. Across North America we mine several million tons annually and we have several new mine site start-ups under our belt. We fully understand the challenges involved with managing ground water, advanced mine planning & scheduling, continuous reclamation, and minimizing environmental impact. If your mine is struggling with productivity, cost control, excessive or premature equipment failure, water control, or mining efficiency then we have the knowledge and experience to help.  

Mining Services We Provide:

High Production Contract Mining (Around-the-Clock)    ||    Overburden Removal (Stripping)    ||    Green Site Mine Start-Up    ||    Pumping/Controlling Groundwater & Stormwater    ||    Drilling & Blasting    ||    Mine Land Reclamation    ||    Scaling Highwalls    ||    Sediment Pond/Trap Clean-Out   Revegetation & Hydro-Seeding    ||    Erosion Control    ||    Landslide Clean-Up    ||    Mine Planning & Scheduling

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We are in business to provide a superior service in the mining and heavy civil industry while exceeding industry safety and production standards.

Contract Mining



Minimizing environmental impact throughout the mining process by continual reclamation is becoming widely practiced given the ever increasing environmental concerns. We have established innovative methods that allow our crews to reclaim mine land as the mining process continues unaffected, therefore decreasing our project durations, while saving time and money. Our team has reclaimed thousands of acres of abandoned mine lands into beautiful and fully sustainable ecosystems including fertile pastures, clean ponds and lakes, and clear streams.   

We Dig and Haul it All

  • Topsoil

  • Clay

  • Mud

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Dimensional Stone

  • Shale

  • Granite

  • Ash

  • Pond Silt

  • and more

Our Services


At Turner Contracting, Inc. we are dedicated to managing and successfully completing each project with quality that exceeds expectations. We strive to eliminate our clients headaches by remaining under budget and ahead of schedule all while maintaining our top rated MSHA safety records. 

  • We have completed several large scale demolition projects consisting of demolishing abandoned mine plants, material conveying facilities, large crushers, bins, hoppers, screens, and concrete storage structures. 
  • With experience in nearly all aspects of landfill excavation, including new cell construction, leachate pipe installation, as well as new liner installations, there is no landfill too big or small for our services. We recently completed a multi-million dollar landfill project which included over two miles of HDPE pipe installation, construction of several large sediment holding ponds, and the installation of a mile-long levee that consisted of over half a million cubic yards of material
  • Whether it be a mile of 42 inch HDPE or 50 feet of one inch water line we have the knowledge, equipment, manpower, and skills required to get it done on time and on budget
  • Aggregate screening and processing is vital to any successful sand and gravel operation and we pride ourselves on being one of the most productive in the industry - whether it be screening overburden, processing aggregate, or managing and maintaining screened stockpiles
  • We also perform clearing & grubbing, hydro-seeding, all types of rough grading & finish grading, over-the-road trucking, and heavy equipment hauling


Overburden Removal


Demolition, Landfill Excavation, Underground Utilities, and more

Whether your reserves are covered by 5 feet of Caliche Clay or 85 feet of Graywacke Sandstone, we can move it. We dig and haul it all! Shale, dirt, mud, rock, sand, gravel, you name it we haul it faster than anyone in the business.

Land Reclamation

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Overburden Removal

Contract Mining

Land Reclamation

Heavy Civil Excavation

Landfill Construction

Underground Utilities